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Our website uses cookies, as is the case with most websites on the Internet. We consider it important for you to know what “cookies” are, what kind of cookies we use on our website and for which purposes we use them. Our aim is to keep you well informed and to offer you a better browsing experience in our website.


We use “cookies” for many different reasons, with the aim to improve the functionality of, to secure your easy connection and browsing of our web pages and for creating a safer and more efficient environment for our visitors/users. We mainly use “cookies" which are necessary for the provision of the services offered through our website, as well as “cookies" for statistical purposes and matters relating to the functionality of our website (e.g. number of visitors, recurring visitors, frequency of visits, user preferences etc.) We also use “cookies” for presenting to you information and advertising tailored to your interests and needs.

“Cookies” also help us analyse how visitors use our web site, how they brouse in it and where they find difficulties, in order to continuously improve the function of our e-shop and address prob;ems which may arise more effectively.

All the information we gather from the “cookies" is used only for the improvement of your shopping experience, the structure and the content of


A “cookie" is ο small text file, which is sent to and stored on your computer or any other device you may use to access the Internet, each time you visit a website, without gathering any information about the documents or files on your device.

Internet web browsers are usually set by default to accept “cookies". Consequently, if you wish to modify how your browser operates, either to notify you about the use of “cookies" or to block “cookies", you must change your browser's settings.

“Cookies" are not used for any purpose other than those described below.

Session Cookies are used to proactively and defensively maintain and manage the technical security of the service. Session cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser.

Functionality Cookies are used to distinguish you from other users of the website and enhance your navigation experience by remembering your preferences. These cookies ore set as α result of your choice, and function solely as indicators of what that choice was.

Analytical Cookies are used to evaluate how our website is used and optimize the online user experience. They allow us tο recognize and count the number of visitors and to see how visitors move around the site when they are using it. This helps us to improve the way our website works by making sure users are finding what they need easily.

Persistent Cookies are any cookies other ther than session cookies, which remain stored in your terminal equipment until they complete a predefined time period., uses all above described kinds of cookies, for the purposes mentioned in the section “why we use cookies” above.

Cookies do not cause malfunctions to the terminal equipment (computers, tablets, smartphones) you use to connect to the our website, nor to any files kept in such terminal equipment.


1) Essential Cookies
Those allow the performance of basic functions of our website such as the addition of items to your shopping basket, electronic payments and saving of items as «favorites». Non use of essential cookies, has an adverse effect on the functionality of our e-shop, moreover your personal browsing experience shall be degraded, because the e-shop will not be able to respond to your needs, by suporting your transactions with our company. For this reason, disabling essential cookies is not possible.

2) Performance Cookies
Performance cookies gather information on how visitors use our site. They allow us to see which pages are visited more often or indicate to us if there are browsing problems. These cookies do not gather information which identifies the user. All the information gathered by these cookies is in summary form and is used only for the improvement of the performance of,

3) Functionality Cookies
These cookies «store» your browsing preferences on our site, allowing us to propose to you suitable products, based on your needs. With these cookies you enjoy a personalized version of and as a result it is easier for you to trace the items you are looking for.

4) Advertising Cookies
These cookies are used to provide advertisments which are relevant to your interests They are also used for targeted advetisment of offers aiming at limmiting unwanted and meaningless bulk advertising; Also for recurring marketing. In parallel they help us neasure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

5) Analytics Cookies
These are a subcategory of functionality cookies and give us the possibility to evaluate the functionality of several functions of our website, in order to improve the experience we offer to the users..

Note that, third party advertisers and other companies we cooperate with, may use their own cookies to gather information regarding your acticity in our website. We do not control these cookies and have no relation with such function and do not accept any relevant liability.

Please be aware of the fact that the non activation of cookies will make the use of parts and certain services of, more difficult or impossible, to the extent that their use is absolutely necessary for your enjoying the best level of browsing and usage experience, which we have designed for you to take advantage of the whole opotential of our website, as is our intention.


We have the right to revise our cookies policy at any time. Please trace the indication «LATEST REVISION» at the top of this page, in order to see when this cookies policy was last revised. Any revisions in this present cookies policy, shall come into effect drom the moment iy becomes available at,

We have the right to revise our cookies policy at any time. Please trace the indication «LATEST REVISION» at the top of this page, in order to see when this cookies policy was last revised. Any revisions in this present cookies policy, shall come into effect drom the moment iy becomes available at,

Moreover, you can set your browser (Chrome, Safari, internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) not to accept cookies following the instructions provided by your browser. If you choose to use our Website without blocking or disabling cookies, you indicate your consent for the use of aforesaid cookies.

You can delete cookies and disable their use. Choose your browser and follow the instructions:




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If you use a different browser, please follow the instructions issued by the provider.